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交換老媽互幹 7

Damon Dice , Jacky St. James , Tyler Nixon , Seth Gamble , Van Wylde , Reagan Foxx , Silvia Saige

Mother Exchange 7 Seth is on the verge of a mental breakdown. He makes an emergency therapy session with London. Inside London's office, Seth makes the connection that his crisis is connected to a scholarly journal London kept around the house when she was in grad school. The sight of this journal unleashes unprocessed emotions for Seth. He believes this almanac drove his childhood friend, Damon, to match with Seth's mother, Reagan, on an online dating site. Seth's suspicions of Damon and his mother transformed into a full-blown panic attack when he walked in the pair fucking in his childhood bed. London believes his anxiety does not stem from the fact that Damon seduced his mother, but rather from Seth's jealousy that his friend got to live out his mommy fantasy first. She believes Seth's obsession with mother figures is what really led him to her office on a weekend when no one else was around to catch them. Seth becomes confused when he starts to suspect that London might have been manipulating his young mind for years in order to turn him into the perfect boy toy.

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